Golden Heavy Body 59ml - 4003-2 - Iridescent Bronze (Fine) Skinnende farger som kan blandes med andre farger og medier for å gi metalliske refleksjoner. This is an iridescent gold that has green added to give the dark bronze look, it also creates a verdigris effect when used as a wash. GOLDEN Interference Acrylic Colors offer a unique "flip" when viewed from different angles. Colors flip between a bright opalescent color and its complement. Over white or lighter surfaces, the color is more subtle and the "flip" effect is more obvious. Over black or darker surfaces the color is more obvious and the "flip" effect is less dramatic. Adding a very small amount of black to Interference Colors produces deeper opalescent effects. Combine with GOLDEN Gels (Gloss) and Fluid Acrylic Colors to create an endless variety of colors and effects. GOLDEN Iridescent Acrylic Colors used alone or with other colors, gels and mediums, develop nonfading, nontarnishing metallic finishes. Iridescent Pearl is extremely useful for mixing with other colors for pearl-like qualities. All GOLDEN Mica Flake products offer larger particles for more textural metallic surfaces. Iridescent Stainless Steel and Micaceous Iron Oxide are made with highly reflective metallic pigments. Pigment Classification: Mixed Color Index Name: - / PG 7 Color: - / 74260 Chemical Description: Iron Oxide coated Mica particles Chlorinated Copper Phthalocyanine Opacity/Transparency: Opaque Lightfastness Rating: N/A Permanency: Excellent Munsell Notation Listing: Hue N/A Value N/A Chroma N/A Gloss Average: 44.05 Viscosity Range: 5000-6000 CPS CIEL*a*b*Values: L* a* b* Tint Strength: N/A