Liquid Gold is a palette of alcoholic dyes made from genuine permanent metallic pigments that are intended for gold plating, decorating, retouching, restoration and modelling. The colours are based on alcohol and are made from metal pigments, which gives a real metal effect that would not be possible on a water basis. They are extremely durable and fade resistant. The colours should be thoroughly shaken or mixed before use. If further dilution is required, only 96% of pure alcohol should be added to prevent oxidation. Colours cannot be mixed with water as the lowest contact with water will rust the real metal pigments in the bottle. Colours can be mixed together to create more colour variations. They dry very quickly and are stable on any surface. You can also spray the paint with an airbrush gun, if necessary with 96% pure alcohol and never dilute more than 30%. The brush and the gun are cleaned with alcohol. Colours are flammable due to alcohol content but do not contain xylene or toluene. As these are alcohol paints, you need to choose an airbrush gun that has no rubber seal in the gradient.